Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Fair This Weekend!

What a perfect introduction to Puyallup, the Fair! Attending the fair will give you a sneak peek into life around here. If you live downtown life changes a bit during the fair. Traffic is a bit of an issue but it doesn't last for long. The absolute best thing is the aroma from the fair. You can smell the fair burgers cooking if you step outside your door (sometimes if the breeze allows, you can even get a whiff up on the South Hill). In the evening you can hear the concerts from your backyard.
The fair is magical, it takes you back to your childhood, you crave cotton candy and scones. You want to ride the Wooden Rollercoaster, and if you are really brave.....The Extreme Scream!!! Bring your family together, plan a day trip to the fair and experience what Doing The Puyallup is all about!!!
Til next time!


  1. Hey Linda! Cute blog! My Daughter is counting down the days til the spring fair!
    Love Living In Puyallup!